7th - 8th December 2022, 9.30am to 4.30pm (UK time)

Course Summary

This training provides the opportunity to work through some practice cases needed in order to assess for psychopathy using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R, 2nd Edition). The PCL-R stipulates that following initial training in the PCL-R that there must be familiarity with the measure using a minimum of five practice cases, across which there must be acceptable levels of inter-rater reliability achieved before using the PCL-R for psychodiagnostic purposes.

The workshop offers the opportunity to work through five practice cases to meet this requirement. Training will comprise of case material and the scoring of clinical videos. All delegates will be provided with case file information prior to the course and are asked to familiarise themselves with this prior to the event, and to preliminary score these cases pre-course based on provided collateral. There is no time allocated on the course to read through the material – the focus on the training days is on the use of discussion to aid scoring and observation of clinical videos. It is estimated that three days pre-course are required by delegates to read these cases and score. Delegates are asked to provide an email as soon as they book. Once the booking is confirmed the collateral information will be provided by email.

This training is aimed to supplement initial training in the PCL-R and is not seen as a replacement to initial PCL-R training. As such, it is expected that all delegates have successfully attended training on the use, administration and application of the PCL-R (2nd Edition). The training aims to provide an opportunity to work through detailed case studies and to discuss scoring. Specifically it aims to:

  • Allow an opportunity to work through detailed case material.
  • To apply the PCL-R to a range of clients.
  • To discuss scoring and issues of reliability.


Dr Carol A Ireland will be leading the event. Dr Ireland is a Chartered Psychologist, Consultant Forensic Psychologist and Chartered Scientist. Dr Ireland has over 24 years of clinical practice, including completion of complex assessments such as those involving psychopathy. Dr Ireland has worked in HM Prison Service as a psychologist, in High Secure Psychiatric Services and currently at the Child and Adult Therapeutic Services ( Dr Ireland has been training in the use and administration of the PCL-R for over twenty years.

Course Materials

All attendees will be provided with a CPD certificate indicating proof of attendance and involvement in the inter-rater reliability exercises. The PCL-R manual is NOT provided - delegates are expected to have a copy of the manual.


Live Online Zoom Event

Who Can Attend

The administration and scoring of the PCL-R is carefully controlled. The course is therefore available for Psychiatrists, Registered Psychologists who hold a current practicing certificate with the HCPC (or equivalent if outside the UK) and other mental health professionals who meet the user guidelines of the PCL-R, as indicated in the PCL-R manual. Registered psychologists who wish to complete this training must be a full member of an applied division, specifically Forensic, Clinical or Counselling Psychology. Delegates must provide their professional body membership number in order to verify this and have their place confirmed. Psychologists in training can attend this event but their use of the PCL-R must be completed in accordance with manual guidelines and in line with their employer organisational policies which may be in place, and under the close supervision of a Registered Psychologist who had expertise in the use of the PCL-R. Psychologists in training must also be a member of the BPS.


£470.00 + VAT(94.00) = £564.00

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