11th July 2024, 9.30am - 12.30pm (UK Time)

Course Summary

This training focuses on the ICD-11 conceptualisation of personality disorder, which is notably different from the categorical approaches used in DSM and ICD-10.

ICD-11 was launched in 2022 and is expected to now be in full use. The training will capture how an ICD-11 personality disorder diagnosis is made. It will include the application of this to a case study, so that attendees have full opportunity to practice applying the criteria. The training will also make reference to the Alternative Model to Assessing Personality Disorder outlined in the new DSM-5, to illustrate how this is now the overlapping system to ICD-11. Focus is firmly on ICD-11 application however. For those who are already familiar with ICD-11 personality disorder diagnosis this training serves as another opportunity to apply this to a new case study to calibrate your ratings.

The cost includes provision of handouts, reading material and CPD certificate. There are limited places on this course. Please email for more information.

For those seeking to apply a personality disorder diagnosis in a clinical (non research) setting, you are expected to already be trained in a formal method of personality disorder diagnosis. Consequently, this training is focused on psychiatrists, psychologists who work with adults (as personality disorder is an adult orientated diagnosis), advanced nurse practitioners who hold the required qualifications, and researchers seeking to apply the criteria for research purposes. If you do not fit these requirements, your attendance is for CPD/non-diagnostic purposes only.

The training commences at 9:30am and ends by 12:30pm.


Professor Jane L Ireland. Professor Ireland has been training on personality disorder and clinical psychopathy for over 20 years. She works within high secure psychiatric practice and is author of the ASSIST personality disorder treatment programme.

Course Materials

A certificate of attendance will be provided to all those who successfully complete the event.


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Who Can Attend

The course is available for Psychiatrists, Registered Psychologists who work with adults, Advanced Nurse Practitioners who meet the qualification requirements and researchers wishing to use the training for research purposes. Arrangements for other professionals can be made, although it must be noted that such individuals can attend for CPD only. To diagnose personality disorder in a clinical setting you must already have been trained to do so using a formal system (e.g. DSM, ICD-10), which could include use of the IPDE/SCID-PD/SCID-AMPD diagnostic interviews. The expectations for delegates post training to allow them to use the ICD-11 clinically will be outlined. The current training is designed as upskilling to allow for an ICD-11 personality disorder diagnosis to be made and is not a replacement for formal training on personality disorder diagnosis.


£75.00 + VAT(15.00) = £90.00

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