TIOFP are dedicated to supporting professionals/academics working in the field of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). This page will signpost research/policy of interest, as well as focusing on the CASEE.

The CASEE (Child Adolescent Sexual Exploitation Evaluation) is a tool for use when working with young people/children, to determine vulnerability and protective factors relating to CSE risk. It is used by professionals when working with young people who are at risk (including those who have been at risk, or suspected) of exposure to CSE.

Updates on the CASEE, such as research and validations will be signposted here.

Further, and in order to further support and prevent victims of CSE, an international consortium has been created. This looks at an alliance of services/organisations in an effort to pool resources when working to support CSE. This forms part of work at the University of Central Lancashire (UK). If as an organisation/service (or representative of) you would like to know more and even become part of this consortium, please contact TIOFP for more details.