The process of course and training accreditation will include a review of the delivery by a TIOFP representative who will attend the course. The representative will compile a review of the training which will then be considered. For this reason TIOFP only accredits existing/repeat training courses, although course accreditation can be backdated by 12 months.

All approved events are provided with a certificate and are able to indicate that it is “Accredited by TIOFP [valid until year]”.

Providers can apply for two year accreditations and will appear on a list of approved trainers. Re-application for accreditation via TIOFP will consequently be at a reduced rate.

Costs for accreditation vary in accordance with training/course length. Information concerning accreditation is available on request. Payment of an assessment for accreditation fee is no guarantee, however, that the training/programme will be accredited.