17th September 2024, 9.30am - 4.30pm (UK Time)

Course Summary

This event will provide an outline of factors relevant to understanding trauma in those with complex personality challenges, including a role for acquired personality disorder and/or psychopathy when accounting for affective and interpersonal domains of developed functioning. The event aims to:

  • Increase knowledge concerning the background to trauma responding in those with complex personality challenges, including an outline of the origins and nature of personality disorder and clinical psychopathy;
  • To identify the importance of formulation, accounting for the past, present and future components.
  • To apply a framework to plan for and formulate in relation to EMDR that accounts for the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model.
  • To account for the importance of preparation for those with complex personality presentations.
  • To identify and prepare for considerations relevant to processing/desensitization with clients that have complex personality structures;
  • To recognise the importance of assessment, preparation and adherence to the EMDR protocol with such clients.
  • To learn how to apply the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model to formulate and understand application of the EMDR protocol with this population.


Case studies will be used illustrate and develop learning. Focus will be on the standard EMDR protocol with reference to other protocols for consideration, as relevant.

The cost includes provision of handouts, reading material and attendance certificate. There are limited places on this event. Please email for more information.

The training commences at 9:30am and ends by 4:30pm.

Accreditation for this event has been granted via EMDR Association UK – six CPD credits. These credits apply to those who have completed at least Part 1 of recognised EMDR training. 

Please also note that only those trained in EMDR in accordance with the expectations of their jurisdiction are eligible to practice EMDR. This event is not designed to train you to become an EMDR therapist.



The facilitator of this event is Professor Jane L Ireland. Professor Ireland is a Chartered Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist. Professor Ireland is an EMDR Europe Accredited Clinical Supervisor/Consultant and works within secure services. She has considerable experience of the application of EMDR to clients with personality disorder and/or clinical psychopathy, as well as being a trainer in the assessment of personality disorder and psychopathy.

Course Materials

All attendees will be provided with an attendance certificate. A certificate detailing the EMDR accredited credits will be provided to demonstrate accreditation by EMDR Association UK. These credits will only be relevant/applicable to EMDR therapists/those who have completed Part 1 of EMDR training. Any acquired EMDR credits will be for EMDR Association UK Members.


Live Online Zoom Event

Who Can Attend

This is an EMDR protocol event. The target audience are clinicians who are/may be using EMDR with clients that present with complex personality challenges. The event does not restrict by the environment EMDR therapists are working within and thus will apply to those working in secure or community services and/or privately. The target audience is therefore those who have completed at least Part 1 of the EMDR training. If you do not fulfil this please contact the facilitator via who can advise on the value of this event for you and ensure your expectations are met.


£150.00 + VAT(30.00) = £180.00

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