2nd October 2024, 9am - 1pm (UK Time)

Course Summary

This event will discuss a brief overview of trauma and some models of understanding as to how an individual may attend to, interpret and encode distressing events. This will then lead in to the use of using Expressive Writing (Pennebaker and Evans, 2014) as an intervention method of supporting clients in helping them to process their trauma/distress. This event will discuss how Expressive Writing can be helpful for clients as an approach on its own, or as part of a more detailed trauma intervention (such as EMDR, CBT for trauma). Overall, this event is aimed to empower clinicians to feel confident in supporting clients in the processing of their distress, using Expressive Writing as a tool.

The cost includes provision of handouts, reading material and an attendance certificate. There are limited places on this event. Please email for more information.

The event commences at 9am and ends by 1pm (UK Time).



The facilitator of this event is Dr. Carol A. Ireland. Dr. Ireland is a Chartered Psychologist and Consultant Forensic Psychologist. She has worked in clinical practice for over 26 years. Dr. Ireland is an EMDR Europe Accredited Clinical Supervisor/Consultant and works within a community therapeutic service. She regularly works with those who present with challenges in processing their traumatic distress, including those with complex presentations. She has considerable experience of the application of trauma therapy to various client groups, including the use of Expressive Writing.

Course Materials

All attendees will be provided with an attendance certificate.


Live Online Zoom Event

Who Can Attend

This event is designed to be of use to a range of professionals who work therapeutically with individuals who have experienced trauma/distress, and where such experiences remain unresolved for the client. Specifically, this event is to offer clinicians and therapists the tool of Expressive Writing when working therapeutically with their clients. The most common attendees would include psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, therapists, psychiatric and community nurses who engage in therapy, psychologists and therapists 'in training', social workers and probation officers who work therapeutically with their clients in the delivery of therapy. Individuals who are not trained to engage therapeutically with clients would still be welcome to attend for the purposes of developing their knowledge in this area, yet the actual use of Expressive Writing would be restricted to professionals able to work therapeutically with clients.


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