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The SAGE suite of online assessments has been developed by TeleSage and allows for pre-information to be collected from clients prior to assessment.

SAGE-SR (self-report) checks for 24 common mental health disorders.

The SAGE-SR is anonymous, validated, and gives an instant report on mental health considerations. Running alongside this is the SAGE-SR Personality and SAGE-SR Intake (history).

Clients will complete this assessment online prior to attending an assessment so you have an idea of the core areas of challenge and also what to focus on during the assessment. You purchase a link that is shared with your client to complete, with the answers returned directly to you.

The SAGE suite of assessments save considerably on assessment time for both clients and assessors. They can also be considered prior to use of personality disorder (e.g., IPDE, SCID-5-PD) and SCID-5-CV (mental health) assessments, as well as having application for research.

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